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HASSION leather wallet factory technology training was held successfully!

Categories: HASSION newsRelease time: 2014-06-17 10:07:00
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 Over the past two months,because orders increased substantially,HASSION leather wallet factory recruit many new staff.In order to ensure quality, HASSION leather wallet facory held a technology training in past one month.

technology training
To participate in the training of more than 30 people,Including some old employees.Materials supervisor to do technical guidance,Step by step.The training of the employees also hear very seriously.
In order to let new employees faster digestion and absorption, training consists of two parts: Theory and Practice.The first theoretical training in the conference room,Everyone listen to records.Some workers give some questions in some time,Executives will give them answer one by one.
Practical part of the training in the workshop,Everyone around the machine, listen to the detailed explanation of executives, to look at the actual operation.A special attention should be paid to the local competent, will be the new employee to operate their own.
technology training