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Export the French regulations:wallets need to post "CarbonLabelling"[ 06-09 10:06 ]
wallets export to French need to be post "CarbonLabelling",It is a challenge to the wallets manufacturers
Congratulations to HASSION WALLET FACTORY set up new departments successfully![ 06-05 10:01 ]
In order to shipments on time according to the quality and quantity,HASSION wallet factory established a new department--PMC
One of the projects for women---open a leather purse store[ 06-04 10:05 ]
Open a leather purse store is a good idear for women!
In the process of innovation to launch new wallet factory--HASSION WALLET[ 06-03 10:06 ]
o the style innovation leather can not just rely on the leather of wild but the main process to innovation
A leather wallet supplier will tell you how to focus on corporate culture[ 05-31 10:03 ]
The corporate culture is very important for a wallet factory.Now HASSION wallet will tell you how to focus on it!
The secret of purse store management![ 05-26 10:00 ]
sell purse is sell image ,buy purse is buy beautiful.
Leather trading company must have a reliable supplier of leather factory[ 05-22 10:09 ]
A good leather walet factory is very important for wallets trade company
Baiyun District government raid on Sanyuanli seized a large number of fake brand-name leather goods![ 05-21 10:05 ]
Baiyun District government raid on Sanyuanli seized a large number of fake brand-name leather goods!
The wallet of major consumer groups which you have to know![ 05-20 10:00 ]
Chinese wallet wholesale market always dare not ignore women.Women is the lagest larket for wallets.
Do you know the relationship of wallet and health?[ 05-19 10:07 ]
Wallet size and weight will affect your health.
How to be worth your trust of the purse factory ?[ 05-16 10:06 ]
Good quality and Honesty are the most important for a leather wlalet enterprise.
A professional wallet OEM factory directly from guangzhou![ 05-15 10:09 ]
Do you want to find a good OEM wallet factory?Do you want to know the benefit if you can find a oem factory not the trade comapany?
Wallet factory need to pay more attention to the maintenance of the hardware![ 05-13 10:08 ]
Wallet maintance need to pay more attention to hardware,hardware is the key,improper maintenance, affecting the quality of the wallets.
A gift for mother's day--genuine leather wallet![ 05-12 10:06 ]
Mother day have gone,Did you send a gift for your mother?
The gorgeous purse to prevent RFID hacker[ 05-09 10:01 ]
Are you still warried about RFID hacker?Are you still warried your card information will be scaned?
Warmly congratulate the 115th Canton Fair ended Satisfactorily![ 05-06 10:06 ]
The 115 session of the Canton Fair has a perfect ending,Let's look the actual situation of the Canton Fair.
U.S. dollar dips despite favorable data[ 04-29 10:04 ]
The U.S. dollar mildly weakened against most major currencies Monday despite encouraging economic data from the United States
International Labor Day![ 04-27 10:08 ]
Do you know the history of labor day?How about the custom of every country?HASSION wallet factory will tell you.
Do you know the things need suppliers to do before the exhibition?[ 04-26 10:09 ]
Success often is there for people, so we come to the following exhibitors, what are they doing before the Canton Fair?
Welcome to Canton Fair![ 04-25 10:08 ]
Do you know Canton Fair? Welcome to Canton Fair to purchase wallets and luggages.
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