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Where to buy a leather wallet bag?[ 03-25 10:15 ]
Different social groups to buy a wallet with their own characteristics, because people's preferences, the nature of the work different, Also the need will be different.
The leather wallet sales of largest leather exporter dropped thirty percent[ 03-24 10:10 ]
"China leather watch Guangzhou, Guangzhou leather in Sanyuanli",But Many tenants are reflected in the export business fell by at least thirty percent
Fall in love with HASSION leather wallet?[ 03-22 10:08 ]
Fall in love with HASSION leather wallet? As we know understood, HASSION leather wallet is popular and favorite. Most of foreign wallet purchase have love HASSION wallet.
The secret of low price wallet in leather industry[ 03-21 10:24 ]
Many wallet factory have meet this problem that the foreigner wallet purchase will ask you why your price is so high?HASSION LEATHER WALLET FACTORY tell you the answer.
Leather wallet factory connected with internet to create the fashion culture[ 03-20 10:26 ]
It is a goods news for consumers and wallet industry if the wallet industry and internet can be connected ssuccessful。
China is the bigest wallet manufacturing country in the world![ 03-18 10:32 ]
Still now ,China is the bigest wallet manufcturing country in the world ,But why still didn't havn't international famous brand of bags?
Wallet procurement notices[ 03-17 15:42 ]
what should we pay more attention when we purchase a large number of men's wallet or women;s purse?Any details will influence your business.Please see below notices from HASSION WALLET FACTORY!
How to manage your wallet shop?[ 03-15 10:09 ]
Operating wallet shop is different from other types goods of store ,because wallet is not the necessities.how to improve the wallet sales?HASSION WALLET will discuss with you together!
How much of your wallet?[ 03-14 10:01 ]
Most of office lady have more then 3pcs ladies purse average.And the price of the wallet will not up to 100RMB average.
Crocodile is the most popular striae in 2014--HASSION WALLET forecast[ 03-12 10:19 ]
Crocodile is the most popular striae in 2014--HASSION WALLET forecast
Do you believe the wallet lost 62 years is back?[ 03-11 10:06 ]
The wallet is lost, but also in other countries, can come back here?
Where is MH370?[ 03-10 10:08 ]
HASSION WALLET wish MH370 is safe and the people can come back safety!
Today is women's day,Most of men and boys are thinking that what's the best gift for wife or girlfriend.HASSION WALLET tell you that it is women wallet.
A womam carrying some connected cash in purse be stopped by customs[ 03-07 10:17 ]
When the passengers entry customes, carrying RMB within twenty thousand yuan in their purse or bags, are generally OK. But yesterday , a passenger carrying the money more than ten thousand,was stopped by customs.It's see it is the problem of the money or the purse.
How to distinguish the quality of wallet is good or bad?[ 03-06 10:11 ]
It is very important to judge the quality of the wallet for some wallet buyers.but how to distinguish the quality of wallet is good or bad?
In recognition of the general assembly of outstanding employees of HASSION WALLET[ 03-05 10:11 ]
Every quarter the company will hold the outstanding staff award, outstanding staff selected will have the opportunity to participate in the activities of free travel
A wonderful badminton game of HASSION WALLET CO.[ 03-04 10:07 ]
the happy moment after work ,Work while you work, play while you play which is the Purpose of HASSION WALLET
HASSION WALLET tell you how to DIY your individualization purse[ 03-01 10:14 ]
Carry wallet or purse is an indispensable part of everyone's daily life,So why not give zero wallet own make style?
The bigest wallet wholesale market in Guangzhou[ 02-28 10:07 ]
World leather in China, Chinese leather goods in Guangzhou, Guangzhou leather goods in Sanyuanli, Sanyuanli is the center of the world leather
Don't Put your phone or IPAD away in wallet style[ 02-26 10:06 ]
Don't take a huge bag or wallet away for your phone.
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