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Holiday promotion custom-made leather gift to help you grasp the opportunity[ 07-01 10:08 ]
Choose gift or promotion in holiday ,wallet gift is a good choice!
The advantage of HASSION wallet factory custom gift purse ![ 06-30 10:02 ]
Order wallet gift,choose HASSION wallet factory!
HASSION wallet factory teach you some tips for ordering wallet style[ 06-28 10:09 ]
the style of wallet orders is especially important for customers, so what should be pay attention in style collocation?
HASSION wallet factory teach you methods for testing metal hardware[ 06-27 10:08 ]
Custom wallet more and more popularinHASSION wallet factory ,but how to judge the quality of wallet LOGO?
The returned wallet be stolened again ,What's wrong?[ 06-25 10:09 ]
Wallets are very important to any person, be careful not to be stolen
A good genuine leather wallet OEM factory in Guangzhou[ 06-19 10:04 ]
A wallet factory need to know how to keep busy in off-season
2 important techniques for purses display in your booth or showroon![ 05-24 10:07 ]
 The purse is the value of the goods on display showto the customer the way  directly .Therefore, must often brains consider should be "what" to "how much" in "what position" customer "to show which side""
The processes of the wallet material inspection you must to know![ 05-17 10:04 ]
Quality is the best important thing for the wallet manufacture,but do you know how to control the quality?
The world's first standard leather idendification method was formally released![ 05-14 10:01 ]
The world's first leather identification method of standard ISO17131:2012 "leather and leather differential microscopy" released a few days ago.
How to identify the various materials of leather wallet?[ 05-10 10:09 ]
Do you know the different of cow leather and sheep leather?Do you know the characteristics of pigskin?HASSION leather wallet will tell you.
Some tips which you must to know if you sales ladies purse![ 05-08 10:02 ]
Do you know what is ladies purse ,and do you know how many styles of the ladies purse?How about the effect of the purse for women?
How to run a entity shop of leather purse for men and women ?[ 05-07 10:02 ]
Your wallet shop have opend ,but do you know how to operate so that can get more opular with the money?
HASSION leather ---Shining cow leather![ 04-29 10:02 ]
Shining leather is genuine leather or not? What do we need to pay more attention when we sell shining leather wallet?
HASSION LEATHER --the characteristics of NAPPA[ 04-28 10:09 ]
Nappa is very popular in bags and shoes,but do you know the characteristics of NAPPA?HASSION will tell you.
Mayor Chen Jianhua visited China Leather Cultural Park[ 04-25 10:06 ]
Mayor Chen Jianhua visited China Leather Cultural Park
The 115th China Import and Export Fair optimistic despite March trade slip[ 04-23 10:07 ]
Canton Fair optimistic despite March trade slip
HASSION leather wallet factory tell you the classic wallet meterial![ 04-23 10:04 ]
Scotland lattice is the classic material for wallets or handbags.
Coach is meaning New York fashion ,How do you think?[ 04-22 10:09 ]
Coach is trying to shift from a second tier leather brand to brand a fashion lifestyle. This way of life is Coach condensed into two words -- New York simply.
Bags and wallets brand force copycat road impassability[ 04-21 10:02 ]
Copy the foreign style ,although the quality is good,because of the nature of containing the imitation and plagiarism, also can only be cast aside as low-end "copycat goods
What brand of wallets sold well in Russia?[ 04-19 10:02 ]
If you want to do business,the brand of selling product brand for future sales will have very important influence.
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