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Do you know the reason why the wallet factory give a low quotation?[ 06-16 10:05 ]
A lot of purse factory have random quote problem, let us look at what is the reason!
"China leather capital" review is success![ 06-14 10:04 ]
Huadu Shiling Town was awarded the "Chinese leather capital" honorary title in 2002, 2014, once again usher in the second review.
Guangxi seized 65 tickets worth about 120000 yuan crocodile leather products[ 06-13 10:00 ]
Wild animal should be protected animal, don't take the wild animal skin pack
The culture of Korea wallet which you don't know![ 06-12 10:01 ]
the woman is no boundaries for the wallet pursuit.
Leather wallet factory need to change management mode to ride out the storm[ 06-11 10:09 ]
Leather wallet factory management has become more and more difficult now,How to survive in the face of adversity?
Let your wallets said "fashion cannot be copied"[ 06-10 10:04 ]
America "fashion can not be imitated" activities have been held for second years.
Export the French regulations:wallets need to post "CarbonLabelling"[ 06-09 10:06 ]
wallets export to French need to be post "CarbonLabelling",It is a challenge to the wallets manufacturers
Congratulations to HASSION WALLET FACTORY set up new departments successfully![ 06-05 10:01 ]
In order to shipments on time according to the quality and quantity,HASSION wallet factory established a new department--PMC
One of the projects for women---open a leather purse store[ 06-04 10:05 ]
Open a leather purse store is a good idear for women!
In the process of innovation to launch new wallet factory--HASSION WALLET[ 06-03 10:06 ]
o the style innovation leather can not just rely on the leather of wild but the main process to innovation
A leather wallet supplier will tell you how to focus on corporate culture[ 05-31 10:03 ]
The corporate culture is very important for a wallet factory.Now HASSION wallet will tell you how to focus on it!
The secret of purse store management![ 05-26 10:00 ]
sell purse is sell image ,buy purse is buy beautiful.
2 important techniques for purses display in your booth or showroon![ 05-24 10:07 ]
 The purse is the value of the goods on display showto the customer the way  directly .Therefore, must often brains consider should be "what" to "how much" in "what position" customer "to show which side""
Leather trading company must have a reliable supplier of leather factory[ 05-22 10:09 ]
A good leather walet factory is very important for wallets trade company
Baiyun District government raid on Sanyuanli seized a large number of fake brand-name leather goods![ 05-21 10:05 ]
Baiyun District government raid on Sanyuanli seized a large number of fake brand-name leather goods!
The wallet of major consumer groups which you have to know![ 05-20 10:00 ]
Chinese wallet wholesale market always dare not ignore women.Women is the lagest larket for wallets.
Do you know the relationship of wallet and health?[ 05-19 10:07 ]
Wallet size and weight will affect your health.
The processes of the wallet material inspection you must to know![ 05-17 10:04 ]
Quality is the best important thing for the wallet manufacture,but do you know how to control the quality?
How to be worth your trust of the purse factory ?[ 05-16 10:06 ]
Good quality and Honesty are the most important for a leather wlalet enterprise.
A professional wallet OEM factory directly from guangzhou![ 05-15 10:09 ]
Do you want to find a good OEM wallet factory?Do you want to know the benefit if you can find a oem factory not the trade comapany?
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