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Bags and wallets brand force copycat road impassability[ 04-21 10:02 ]
Copy the foreign style ,although the quality is good,because of the nature of containing the imitation and plagiarism, also can only be cast aside as low-end "copycat goods
What brand of wallets sold well in Russia?[ 04-19 10:02 ]
If you want to do business,the brand of selling product brand for future sales will have very important influence.
How to do wallet of promotional activities in May Day?[ 04-18 10:05 ]
May day is coming ,Are you ready for wallet promotion?
How to avoid pay money but the wallet factory didn't delivery goods?[ 04-17 10:04 ]
Are you still warried about that the wallet factory doesn't ship your goods after you payed balance?
How to find a good leather wallet factory in China?[ 04-16 10:09 ]
Factory wantto find a new customer is difficult, but the customer want to find a good factory also is very difficult.
Canton Fair shadowed by weak exports[ 04-16 10:06 ]
The 115th Canton Fair shadowed by weak exports
Canton Fair expecting fewer buyers[ 04-15 10:07 ]
Canton Fair expecting fewer buyers in the 115th Canton Fair
What should we pay attention when we find a wallet factory in China?[ 04-15 10:00 ]
More and more foreign wallet purchases are afraid to find a wallet factory in China,Let's to see what are they warry about?
Most popular and good selling wallet style in Russia[ 04-14 10:03 ]
Many people want to sell leather goods like men's and women's leather wallts or purses,But they dodn't which styles is good selling.HASSION leather wallet factory tell you!
Wallet manufacture with independent innovation ability to design purse processing[ 04-12 10:05 ]
Grasp the market trends,design more suitable products for leather goods buyer.
Low MOQ wallet factory directlly in Guangzhou China![ 04-11 10:07 ]
Most of foreign wallet buyers warried that the MOQ is too big,and their order's QTY is not enough.Please don't be worry ,HASSION WALLET FACTORY will help you to solve this problem!
HASSION--Wallet factory which insist on do leather wallet[ 04-10 10:07 ]
HASSION wallet made by 100% cowhide,Without any doubt
2014 new fashion HASSION brand wallet is on the market[ 04-09 10:06 ]
HASSION brand wallet have been love by foreign customers,Now new styles have been on the market
The price of genuine leather is up ,Most of factory use fake leather to instead of cow leather to make wallet.
The Tomb-Sweeping Day of HASSION wallet factory[ 04-07 10:09 ]
Citizens mourn Nanjing Massacre victims
Leather wallet factory tell you how to care for leather goods![ 04-07 10:05 ]
Leather products are becoming more and more popular, but do you know how to care of your leather wallet or leather shoes?
Chinese products gain popularity in Russian Far East city[ 04-05 10:54 ]
"They account for more than 80 percent of the market. Jeans, T-shirts,wallets and leather shoes sell best," said Egor, who sells the famous Russian brand New Yorker.
HASSION give you some purse design inspiration to foreign wallet designers![ 04-04 10:20 ]
Are you warry about that the sales and order are not good becasue the designer havn't new idea?
Leather goods found to contain formaldehyde[ 04-04 10:12 ]
Leather shoes found to contain formaldehyde in Shanghai
Do you know the meaning of wallet for a gift?[ 04-03 10:23 ]
During the holidays, many people will send gifts to each other ,but do you know the meaning of wallet for a gift?
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